Internship & Co-op Opportunities

The best and brightest were all once greenhorns. A lot of organizations seem to forget that, and miss out on opportunities to hire great people who happen to be at the start of their careers.

For some starting out, there can be a classic Catch-22 at play; it can be tough to get a great job without the right experience, but it’s tough to get the right experience without the right job. We love helping people like you overcome that challenge, provided you’re bursting with talent and drive (and there’s a fit with what we do).

For others, their talents are in high demand from day one. You’re looking for the option that represents the best fit for you and what you want your life to be about; you have a lot to offer and you don’t want that squandered by an employer that doesn’t get it or is simply unable to deliver what it takes to let you shine and grow.

At Latitude Geographics, we started as interns and co-op students. Hiring via co-op and internships has been an integral part of our business strategy since day one. We’ve been consistently blown away by interns who bring tremendous enthusiasm, intelligence and a level of professional competence far beyond their years. And it’s a phenomenal way to test one another out for longer-term employment.

We want you to see you be extraordinary. We want you to contribute, develop, and advance. We’ll treat you as a colleague, and we’ll push you.

We typically hire several co-op students each semester through various post-secondary programs, but we’re also always on the lookout for exceptional internship candidates who are out-of-school and on the launch pad. For a list of current opportunities, please refer to our careers page.


If you don’t see a position that fits what you bring to the table, don't hesitate to pitch us!