How We're Different

Our unique approach with Geocortex technology has altered the way many organizations tackle web-GIS implementations and has helped spawn an important specialty—enhancing the deployment of Esri's web-based mapping platform (ArcGIS for Server).

We create software that eliminates inefficiencies in the process of designing, building and maintaining applications. If we can eliminate a developer hour, we do. 

We're also known for introducing smart new approaches and features as part of a cohesive product vision, while keeping licensees in careful alignment with Esri’s long-term development path through our Spatial Application Infrastructure approach.

Quite simply, we're confident that licensing and building on a Geocortex foundation represents the optimal (including the most fiscally sensible) way to build a great web-based GIS system powered by Esri technology.

And we think it shows in our results. Largely as a result of our ongoing contributions to making organizations successful with core Esri technology, in 2010 we were named as one of Esri's first Platinum Business Partners (representing the top 1% of Esri partners) as well as being an Esri 2010 International Partner of the Year. 

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