Hiring Process

Competitors sometimes sniff around our website trying to figure out our secret sauce. Our recruiting program/process is it. Attracting and retaining awesome people is everything; an organization has to be great at identifying stars/potential stars (and then being authentically great so they join and contribute their very best long-term).

It’s easy to hire quickly, but it’s hard to hire well. What we understand is that top-notch people want to work with other top-notch people. Our process seeks to separate great people who will thrive and deliver awesome results at Latitude from people who will thrive and deliver results somewhere else.

Some roles we recruit for require specific skillsets, extensive experience and background knowledge. Others are more early-career roles, providing an opportunity for candidates to learn and grow. Some roles are in-between. The common thread is the type of individual we seek.

We look for intelligent, well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of the difference between A and A+ (hint: it’s about the little things). Possessing an ability to think both on your own and as part of a team is key. You’re curious; you don’t shut off your brain when you walk out the door. You’re not a servant of the clock. You want your life to be about something that matters. Mediocrity scares you.

What to Expect

While the interview process may differ based on your background and the position under consideration, you can expect it to be quite thorough. It represents a time investment for us both, but we believe deeply in the value of our approach as it helps both parties determine whether a mutual fit exists.


You submit a cover letter and resume. If we’re impressed and see a potential fit, we’ll reach out to you via email.

Introductory Email

We use this initial contact to ask any questions we may have, request post-secondary transcripts (for recent grads only), and get a sense for your ballpark salary expectations. If both parties feel it is worthwhile to proceed, the next step is to schedule an interview.


Our interview process will give you an opportunity to learn more about Latitude Geographics, our work, and meet some of our people. We'll also take the opportunity to learn more about you and your interest in Latitude Geographics. We follow a semi-structured interview process that helps us assess your potential to contribute to Latitude’s success.


If the interviews go well, we’ll coordinate with you to speak with your references. After your references have been contacted, we may have one or more additional conversations, meetings, or requests.


This is typically everyone’s favorite part of the process. We’ll provide an offer and employment agreement for you to review. If it looks good, we’ll work with you to ensure a successful launch of what we hope will be a career experience you’ll look back on as something you wouldn’t trade for anything.

If what you’ve read in our career pages has resonated with you, we invite you to take action and explore being part of Latitude Geographics. We’re waiting for you.

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